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Yoni Burst Detox Shower Gel

It's called "Yoni Burst" for a reason! Our natural citrus scent detox gel will give your yoni life! Keeping it fresh all day while...
Bestselling Yoni

"2nd Set of LIPS" Yoni Flower pH Cleansing Bar

Say Good-Bye to Bacteria and Hello to Freshness! Cleanse, Protect and Balance your Flower with our all natural scentless pH cleansing bar. Our formula...
Bestselling Yoni

Yoni Balance Steam

Purify, Nourish & Restore. This steamy blend is fabulous to tighten and tweak and bring strength and vitality to the depth of your womanhood. ...

Naked Sitz Bath

How to Use: Gently lift toilet seat lid and place onto toilet bowl.  Cover your legs with a towel/blanket to lock in heat. 
Accessories Yoni
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Sweet Cookie Test

Are you tired of going to the doctor just to see if you have an infection? Save time & worry no more! Our Sweet...

Soothing Vulva Balm

Got that itch? Got that odor? We got you! Kick that ish' out the park with our soothing balm packed with nothing but what's...
Bestselling Yoni

Pussc' Batter

Aren't you tired of feeling like you can't wear a bikini without your razor bumps showing!! Our "Pussc' Batter" is a clay mask used for...

Yoni Happy Cycle

Unlock your code to the perfect period. Packed with a selection of herbs to give you a lovely and effective cleanse, this fragrant blend...

Smooth Mee!

 Slow the regrowth of hair between waxes with our convenient, single-use, wipes. Our "Quick & Easy" Smooth Mee exfoliating cotton rounds is used to even...

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